Captain Mike Ardolino:
Captain Mike has been running the Boats since he was 21-years-old. Capt Mike started off as a deckhand when he was 12 years old during the summer months. During the school months Capt Mike would rush home from school to get down to the boats to help clean buckets. Capt Mike worked his way up to become one of the most known and respected Captains on the east coast.
Captain Mike is known for all his years aboard the BROOKLYN VI and this has been his life long dream to now own his own boat. Captain Mike is a knowledgeable and one of the most hard working captains who takes pride in fishing both inshore and offshore. His knack for offshore fishing has proven second to none and he has set the bar high for his competition.

Our Crew:
The crew aboard the HUNTER is a full line of experienced deckhands. While out on your open boat trip or private charter fishing trip, the crew’s first priority is safety and service, and to make sure you have a memorable experience!. Throughout your trip the crew is around to help make your¬† fishing experience is the very best it can be. The crew will also clean the fish you catch on your way back to port . They are also responsible for the cleanliness of the boat. Our crew’s shifts don’t start when we leave the dock, but 2 hours before and 2 hours after leaving and entering the dock. The crew puts in a long hard day/night to make sure you have a memorable experience aboard the HUNTER. If you felt the crew did a great job in making your fishing trip aboard the HUNTER a wonderful experience, feel free to tip them however you like! They will certainly appreciate it as you would tip a bartender or waiter.
Also if at any point you are in need of something during your trip or unhappy with the service PLEASE do not hesitate to bring up any questions to the Captain.


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(New York Recreational For-Hire Fishing Alliance) A group of Recreational fishermen that have formed a group to fish for fair fishing regulations

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